ESOS - The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

The qualification date is 5th December 2015 so you must take action now.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is mandatory legislation designed to help UK businesses dramatically reduce their energy costs. ESOS is mandatory for larger companies and corporate groups and involves a regular energy assessment and identification of energy saving measures. More than 10,000 UK businesses will be legally required to comply with ESOS by 2015.

Affected organisations must undertake an energy audit every four years in line with the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. The intention is that by introducing mandatory measurement of energy use, businesses will take steps to reduce their energy consumption. It has been estimated that ESOS could deliver a total saving of £1.6bn over the next 15 years.

The first ESOS submission for compliant companies must be made, at the latest, by 5th December 2015. In order to carry out the required audits and calculations in good time it is recommended that affected companies begin the process as soon as possible.

Will my business be included in ESOS?

The qualification date for ESOS is 31st December 2014. Your business will likely be included if it has:

  • 250 or more employees in the UK.
  • Fewer than 250 employees, but an annual turnover greater than €50m and a balance sheet exceeding €43m

Also, your company will be included if it is part of a group which includes other qualifying companies.

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What does ESOS require?

In order to comply with ESOS a company is required to measure its total energy consumption across a 12-month period. The scope of ESOS includes energy consumed in:
• buildings
• transport
• industrial processes
The ESOS assessment must be conducted or reviewed by a lead assessor and signed off by a senior director.
Compliance must be reported to the Environment Agency by 5th December 2015.

What if we do not comply?

A business that fails to comply correctly with ESOS can incur fines of up to £5000 and additional fines of £500 per day until the business is compliant. Non-compliant companies will be “named and shamed”.

What do we do now?

If you believe your company may qualify for ESOS contact Carbon Strategy to find out how we can help you become compliant.
Let Carbon Strategy show you how ESOS works and how your business can meet the requirements of the scheme.

If your company has ISO:50001 it is deemed to be implementing energy management systems which are above and beyond that which are required for ESOS compliance and therefore you would be deemed to be compliant with ESOS. If you don’t have ISO:50001 but have ISO:9001, ISO:14001 or PAS:2030 then Carbon Strategy can assist you in a fast track, cost-effective route to gaining ISO:50001 by integrating the management components of the ISO or PAS compliances that are required for ISO:50001.

Reducing your carbon footprint makes environmental and commercial sense.

Shield your business from increasing energy costs while gaining a marketing advantage.


ESOS Summary PDF

Complying with ESOS PDF

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