Step by step guide to achieving Carbon Neutrality

Following The British Standards Institution’s PAS 2060

1. Calculate your company’s carbon footprint for previous 12 months

2. Carry out a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) assessment (DECC protocol) on your building

3. Make a 7 year statement of intent to reduce carbon based on DEC advisory report

4. Commit to an annual audit of compliance

5. Offset previous 12 months’ (year 1) carbon footprint by planting trees in Kyoto cited developing countries to obtain certificated carbon credits

6. Plant trees in local schools for education and PR purposes

7. For years 2-7 annually calculate the company’s reducing carbon footprint and plant Kyoto and educational trees in line with reduced carbon

Uganda nursery

By agreeing to this carbon reduction programme and after offsetting the previous 12 months carbon and educational tree planting, Carbon Neutral status is awarded and is conditional on maintaining the next 7 years agreed reduction programme.

Uganda tree planting

Reducing your carbon footprint makes environmental and commercial sense.

Shield your business from increasing energy costs while gaining a marketing advantage.