Tree Twinning with Tree Appeal

Carbon Strategy has a longstanding and close relationship with Tree Appeal who specialise in the planting of indigenous trees in UK locations, mainly in schools. These trees become the focus for teaching children about biodiversity and how trees are important for humankind and for other creatures and an important way of locking carbon away for many years.
Tree Twinning, where possible, will take place in schools in your area which Tree Appeal will arrange on your behalf.
Each tree is tagged with your company name featured as the sponsor.
Tree Twinning provides a wonderful opportunity to publicise your business’s responsible attitude to carbon reduction in a most cost effective way in both local and regional media.
Carbon Strategy advocates that your employees be made aware of the efforts that the business as a whole is making to reduce its carbon footprint. Carbon Strategy consultants will help gain their “buy-in” so they understand that their contribution really matters, be that by switching off the lights or closing doors to keep in the warmth.
In our experience, if staff are involved in the process they will become enthusiastic participants and often come up with their own energy saving ideas.
Events may be structured around Tree Twinning to provide a focus for celebrations and to reward staff for their contributions.

When your trees have been planted, Carbon Strategy will help in the compilation of your evidence file. You will also receive certification for your carbon neutrality/carbon considerate status for you to display alongside your DEC and EPC certificates.

Reducing your carbon footprint makes environmental and commercial sense.

Shield your business from increasing energy costs while gaining a marketing advantage.


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